Zero personal investment for the bonus

Weekly withdrawal bonus

You can trade today

The bonus and profit are unlimited if you deposit any amount to your account

I opened an account, what next?

I opened an account, what next?

Step 1. Login to your MetaTrader 4 trading platform.

Step 2. Enter the account details sent in the email.

Step 3. Open a trade for any instrument.

If the bonus hasn't credited automatically, choose the "Promotions and Bonuses" section in the Client Area, find "Activate Bonus code" and enter code — WB99


How to extend bonus and withdraw Profit?

How to extend bonus and withdraw Profit?

To extend the bonus, you just need to deposit any amount into your account.

To make a profit, you should trade actively, and you'll get up to $2 for each closed lot weekly.

Withdrawal is carried out according to the standard rules of the company. Learn more about them below.

Full promotion terms:

1. The Offer is valid from May 31 to July 31, 2023.

2. The Offer is available only for new clients of the Company, registered during the promotion period via the special link. You can get the Company's Funds within the Promotion only once to the Classic MT4, Market Pro MT4 and ECN MT4.

3. 3. 99 USD/99 EUR bonus funds are indicated in the "Credit" field and are not available for withdrawal. During participation in the promotion, financial results of transactions (profits and losses) are fixated only in the "Credit" field and become part of the bonus (hereinafter referred to as Bonus).

4. Bonus use period — 7 calendar days. The Client may extend the Bonus use period for an additional 7 calendar days by topping up the account from external sources for any amount. The number of extensions is not limited if the Bonus is kept (stays) on the account during trading.

5. Every 7 days after receiving the Bonus (or extending the Bonus use period), the Client may receive a portion of the Bonus from the "Credit" filed in the "Balance" of the account, including the profit earned on the account:

5.1 According to volume of the closed transactions on the basis of a proportion of $1 for 1 closed lot, or $2 for 1 closed lot in the presence of account funding for any amount within the last 7 calendar days. Only trades corresponding to MTT and MTP parameters are taken into consideration;

Minimum Time of Transaction (MTT) — the minimum time when a trade is on the market (the difference between Open and Close Time), which is not least 3 minutes.

Minimum Result of Transaction in points (MTP) — the minimum profit or loss of a trade is on the market measured in points (the difference between Open and Close Price). MTP values for Market Pro and ECN accounts correspond to values for Classic taking into account the number of decimal places in prices.

5.2. The calculation amount is deducted from the "Credit" field and credited to the "Balance" of the account, but not more than the current amount of Funds or the Account Bonus or 100 USD/EUR (the lesser of the three is chosen).


1. The client received 99 USD and traded 50 USD during 7 days, made a trading turnover is 2 lots on the trades corresponding to MTT and MTP parameters. The credit was 149 USD (99 USD + 50 USD of saved profit) the Funds were 149 USD. After 7 days, 2 USD (2 lots * 1 USD) will be transferred to the Balance of the account. Thus, the Balance of the account will be 2 USD, the Credit 0 USD, as the bonus use period expired, and the deposit was absent.

2. The client received 99 USD, deposited the account for 10 USD and traded 100 USD during 7 days and has a floating loss of 50 USD. A trading turnover is 3.5 lots on the trades corresponding to MTT and MTP parameters. The balance was 10 USD, Credit was 199 USD (99 USD + 100 USD of saved profit), Funds were 159 USD (Balance 10 USD + Credit 199 USD - floating loss 50 USD). After 7 days, 7 USD (3.5 lots * 2 USD) will be transferred to the Balance of the account, where 7 USD will be deducted from Credit. Thus, the Balance of the account will be 17 USD, the Credit will remain in the amount of 192 USD because there was an extension of the Bonus for 7 days due to the top-up, Funds 159 USD.

6. The Client's profits and deposits stored in the "Balance" field are fully available for withdrawal and fully used in trading on the account, however they can be lost due to losses only after the full loss of the Bonus (i.e. losses are deducted first from the column "Credit", and only then from the column "Balance").

7. Complete deducting of the Bonus by the company and termination of participation in the promotion occurs in the cases of:7.1. Absence of deposits for bonus extension during 7 days in a row from the moment of bonus receipt (or extension of the period of use);7.2 Loss of the entire Bonus in the "Credit" field as a result of trading, including the profit made on the account, and absence of open positions.

8. For the first withdrawal of funds from the account in accordance with the Client Agreement, the Client has to:8.1. verify personal data;8.2. make a deposit to verify the payment details.

9. By participating in the promotion, the Client confirms that he has carefully read and fully agreed with these promotion terms and agrees not to send the Company any complaints about the rules of using the Bonus and Balance or actions taken by the Company in accordance with these terms or the Client Agreement.

10. To prevent misuse of the promotion terms, the Company reserves the right at any time, without warning: to limit the leverage, volume and/or number of transactions on the Bonus account, to deduct the issued funds, to refuse to giving funds or to pay out the profits obtained with their use.



Warning: Margin trading involves high risk and can lead to significant financial losses. Before deciding to trade, ensure you fully understand all possible risks, a level of your experience and knowledge in the financial field.

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